Course Overview

Introduction to art and filmmaking

Understanding of film language and its relevance in art, social and political life as well as an overview of the contemporary film industry. Understanding of aesthetics and its application on film and TV.

Introduction to Screenwriting

Screenwriting features: develop and tell a story; story structure, theme, building a character, tension, and conflict. What makes a good story? Writing techniques, screenplay analysis of well-known films.

Introduction to camera and lighting shooting plans

Camera setup, lenses, depth of field, color grading, camera operating, camera shots and angles. From script to screen, how to interpret the script effectively and tell a story with a camera. Students will be able to work with professional equipment and shoot their own short film.


Introduction to lightning

Key lightning techniques and professional lighting set ups (3 point lighting); lightning plans; colour temperature, filters gels, exposure; lightning in different shooting environments.

*This is a sample of the course overview and it is subject to change at any time by Creative Lisboa. 


Learn how to transport your story from script to screen; directing for camera; how to effectively lead and communicate with cast and crew; selecting film location; guiding crew from pre-production to post-production, camera shots, and angles.


Emphasis on production manager in the film crew; key features and responsibilities of a film producer; planning skills; budgeting; crew hiring; location selection; working with contracts, insurance and risk assessments; post production route: marketing, distribution and exhibition.


Learn to use digital editing software (adobe creative cloud); visual effects, sound design and editing. Analysis of well-known films and discussions; practical editing activities.


Short-movie project



– Residential summer school

– 2 weeks program

– Choose a course and have a  pre-college experience

– Live + study on campus

–  All classes are taught in English

– You will have classes in the morning and enriching activities during the afternoon and evening




– 2 weeks course on your chosen area of interest

– Course materials and equipment 

– Your individual apartment 

– 3 full meals a day including drinks

– All afternoon activities

– Transportation to/from activities

– Insurance during your 2 weeks program

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