Course Overview

Design Fundamentals

What makes a successful design; composition, image-making, drawing, layout, typography, symmetry; scale, spacing and positioning.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Design features and concepts, color methods, text features, gradients, effects, design concepts, and design application.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Exploring the tools and user interface, working with selections, retouching, correcting, and enhancing photographs, layer basics and masking.


Marketing Fundamentals

The 4P’s of Marketing; Marketing mix; Relationship between buyer and seller; decision-making process; advertising; buyer behaviour and strategies; processes influencing purchase.

*This is a sample of the course overview and it is subject to change at any time by Creative Lisboa. 


Introduction to basic branding principles and strategies; brand planning, positioning and identity.


Narrative and sequencing; communicating words and feelings through images.

Social Media Marketing

Planning and organizing content; format and size of images; color adjustments and filters; photo editing; social media management tools; the impact of social media in customer experience and its effect on company growth.


Case studies and mini-projects



– Residential summer school

– 2 weeks program

– Choose a course and have a  pre-college experience

– Live + study on campus

–  All classes are taught in English

– You will have classes in the morning and enriching activities during the afternoon and evening




– 2 weeks course on your chosen area of interest

– Course materials and softwares

– Your individual apartment

– 3 full meals a day including drinks

– All afternoon activities

– Transportation to/from activities

– Insurance during your 2 weeks program

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