Course Overview

History of photography

Briefly show evolution of photography throughout the decades; fun/interesting facts; journalism photography; cultural, social, and political facts and aspects that shaped photography.

Fundamentals of photography

Equipment: types of cameras, lenses and filters; how to use a camera ; introduction to composition, image-making, masking.

Types of Lighting

Study the use of light in different types of art and photography (journalism, fashion, advertisement, still, studio, portrait).


Digital camera

Fundamental techniques of digital photography/camera and inkjet printing.

*This is a sample of the course overview and it is subject to change at any time by Creative Lisboa. 

Introduction to photography editing softwares

Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, Lightroom. Removing people and objects, changing background, changing colour and inserting images in the photos

Photographing People

Techniques when photographing portrait, newborn, wedding, concert, fashion.

Photographing Landscape

Depth of field, how to photograph in direct sunlight, learn how to find the best lighting for outdoor photography.


Business and Market

Workshop about the reality of the market, work possibilities, how to build portfolio, copyright, websites, and ways to promote yourself and your work.


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