How will we keep you safe?

1. All students will be insured. Insurance is included in the tuition. For more information, please visit the Policies page.

2. All students will receive a student card to access their apartments in the Student Living building and a lanyard with their student ID card to access the Campus. Students are required to wear their Student ID card at all times.

3. There will be 1 monitor for every 8 students. Monitors are in charge to accompany students throughout the day, both on campus and during off-campus activities, check-in and check-outs, afternoon and evening activities, as well as to make sure that all students are well, safe and happy.

4. There is 24/7 security at Nova SBE campus and Student living, both patrol and CCTV cameras.

5. The Student living facilities will have at least one monitor per floor. There will always be a member of staff available 24/7. 

6. Students are required to have a mobile phone with a Portuguese SIM card. We will have SIM cards available to be purchased at our Campus Office. More information about prices of SIM cards on Campus will be made available in due course.

7. Students will be given an emergency number, which they can contact at any time in case of need or emergency.

8. The Student is not allowed to leave the Campus grounds without permission. The Student will be accompanied by a member of staff from and to campus. Shopping and sightseeing will always be in groups. There will be check-out and check-in control with the allocated monitors whenever leaving for afternoon activities and arriving from them.

9. Students are forbidden from leaving the campus grounds after curfew.

10. Leaving campus overnight with parents or guardians (for 24/7 experience only): Creative Lisboa does not recommend that the Student leaves the Campus during the programme. To exeat the Campus, the Parent/Guardian must send an email to requesting authorization for the Student to leave the Course overnight or during the weekend. For more detailed information, please check the General Terms & Conditions.

11. Registration: Creative Lisboa staff is always on Campus and will take registration several times during the day. Students have to be on time for classes, lunch, afternoon activities, dinner and curfew. Registration will take place in the following times: breakfast, morning class 1, morning class 2, lunch, afternoon activities (at the meeting point for group division), whenever we leave the Campus for off-campus activities, whenever we go back to Campus after an off-campus activity, dinner, curfew and events.

12. Contacting Creative Lisboa: If parents or guardians wish to contact Creative Lisboa while their child is attending a course with us, they should do so by contacting the campus office. Contact telephone numbers will be made available to all students nearer to the summer.

The email addresses for different purposes are the following: – general communication – questions – cancellations – special needs and accommodation


For more informations regarding Covid-19 procedures on campus, please visit the following pages.

Note: These procedures will be updated according to the circunstances. 

Covid-19 Rules on Campus

Campus Regulations

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