Course Overview

Sports Ethics

Real-life situations where the decisions made raised ethical issues. What is hidden from the public in order to avoid suspensions and/or damage of the public image? What is brought out to the public with the intent of disturbing an athlete’s performance? 

Sports Marketing

Marketing strategies in sports. Where does the money lie?

Sports Law

Divisions of law. Contrast between EU and US law. Lawsuit cases. Key terms. Real-life situations. Compare legal concepts and governing bodies as they relate to the sport industry.


Branding in Sport

Introduction to basic branding principles and strategies; brand planning, positioning, and identity. The importance/value of the brand. What is the brand? Marketing Philosophies: Production orientation, Sales orientation, Market orientation, Societal Marketing orientation. Who is in charge of brands? Key brand value drivers. 

*This is a sample of the course overview and it is subject to change at any time by Creative Lisboa. 


E-sports. The impact of having “sports” as part of the name. Is it really a sport? How sports are evolving to attract young audiences.

Sports Agents

Role of the modern agent. Advice during the athletes’ professional (short) career. Real-life examples. Mental coaching.

Technology in Sports

Game experience enhancement. Use of technology in sports (VAR); impact 


Case studies and Workshops

Case studies and workshops with professionals in the area, bringing a real-life overview of the business of sports.



– Residential summer school

– 2 weeks program

– Choose a course and have a  pre-college experience

– Live + study on campus

–  All classes are taught in English

– You will have classes in the morning and enriching activities during the afternoon and evening




– 2 weeks course on your chosen area of interest

– Course material

– Your individual apartment

– 3 full meals a day including drinks

– All afternoon activities

– Transportation to/from activities

– Insurance during your 2 weeks program

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