We are an international summer school designed to promote a creative adventure for students searching for a meaningful and unforgettable experience in their Summer.  We aim for our students not only to learn the fundamentals of their areas of interest, but also to become familiar with the requirements of their possible future careers. Through project based and learning-by-doing lessons, workshops, field trips, and team building activities, Creative Lisboa is the perfect mean for students to develop their passion and understand the work path of the different job opportunities available. A glimpse of their daily lives in their dream job.

Our mission is to encourage our students to be risk-takers, developing a critical-thinking mindset, where they can find creative solutions and constantly improve as life-long learners in this fast-changing world. Creative Lisboa has a symbiotic partnership with Nova SBE in order to provide high quality and dynamic education as well as market-led classes. All of this combined with a lot of fun.

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