Nova SBE, a new choice for a new future.

Nova School of Business & Economics is the leading business school in Portugal in the areas of Economics, Finance, and Management through its undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D., MBA, and Executive Education programs, which are top-ranked by the Financial Times. But Nova SBE is so much more than a school of Business and Economics, it is a Nova way of being a school, based in Portugal, and open to the world.

Its collaborative teaching encourages each student to grow boldly, and its impactful research contributes to transforming the world in responsible and inclusive ways. The school is located in Carcavelos, Portugal, a safe, welcoming, and exciting place with more than 70 % sunny days a year. And Portugal is one of a kind. Its people, culture, and weather make it a welcoming place for people from all over the world.

Its idyllic campus portraits Portugal’s rich culture and diversity and embodies the archetype of Portuguese reality: it is near the metropolis, yet close to the sea, while also being close to places where history and culture live with its undulating streets and landmarks, both ancient  and futuristic.


Exterior Nova SBE

Dare to unveil what the future holds.

As a Creative Lisboa Summer School student, you will get to walk around the Carcavelos campus and feel what great a place it is to be. It’s cozy inside, sunny outside, and you can have most of your classes with an ocean view. The campus benefits from a fantastic weather and invites students to go outside whenever possible.

It was built for interaction. It was made for you. Here you will be able to meet and learn from our community (other students, teachers, companies, and even our neighbors). Nova SBE is where ideas and ideals can flourish, a place that offers students a chance to find themselves, their purpose and their place in the world. It is where the safety of books meets the courage of the living labs, knowledge centers, and hubs that the school has.

Join Creative Lisboa Summer School and dare to unveil what the future holds. Be a Nova SBE student for two weeks, learn more about the school, its vibrant campus life, and what your role can be.

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